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NSA has quality facilities both on and off the water for the sailing enthusiast. Our members work continually to improve the NSA’s sailing complex, the park facilities, and the shoreline. To learn more about the amenities provided for NSA members, click on the links below:

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Mentorship Program

Members often encounter situations that call for a solution outside their comfort zone. This is frustrating when you have little time, and/or don't know who to ask for assistance. To help, NSA has a Mentorship Program through which a new member may request assignment to a mentor to guide them. For new members, this relationship would last through their first year's activities at NSA. Current members can request a mentor for a number of specific topics.

The program includes a "wish list" of common scenarios, which will be given to new members when they join NSA. Some questions can be answered by referral to the Yearbook. Others, such as those listed herein, will require reliable and consistent verbal response, or demonstration. That's where a mentor becomes important.

A mentor is not expected to be an all-knowing person, but should be knowledgeable in his/her chosen area.

A mentor should:

  • Be an enthusiastic and involved NSA member in good standing for at least 5 years.
  • Have a good knowledge of sailing and of NSA operations.
  • Be willing to cheerfully give of your time and share your experiences.
  • Be aware of basic NSA rules and policies.
  • Call on fellow mentors or others for backup, when a scenario calls for it.
  • Follow up with your mentee. Keep involved.

Although this is a volunteer activity, and not subject to work credit, it is a great way for you to welcome new members to the club, as well as widen your own interests. New members will become better informed of the club's operations. Not only can you answer their individual concerns and provide solutions, you can also show them what it's like to not just be a member, but to really be a part of NSA!

Make a difference! Review the list below, find the items in your comfort zone, and contact the Past Commodore atpastcommodore@ninnescah.orgor Mentor Program Facilitator.

  • Trim a sail
  • Enter/leave a slip
  • Raft up
  • Drop/pull anchor
  • Get ungrounded
  • Secure your boat in storage yard, slip, mooring
  • Leave a beached boat overnight
  • Participate in a fun regatta (KBRS, social)
  • Night sail
  • Handle sudden winds on Cheney Lake
  • Man overboard prceedures
  • Boat maintenance
  • Operate certain equipment