NSA has quality facilities both on and off the water for the sailing enthusiast. Our members work continually to improve the NSA’s sailing complex, the park facilities, and the shoreline. To learn more about the amenities provided for NSA members, click on the links below:

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Board of Governors and Administrative Secretary

  • Commodore

    Norm Dodson

    Primary contact for all questions or business regarding NSA.
    My wife, Lenita, and I moved our family to this area from Weatherford, OK in 1993 when I went to work as a chemist for Vulcan Chemicals (now Occidental Chemical Co). We settled initially in Derby, KS and then moved to Clearwater in 1998, where we still live. We have raised 3 children, Alvin, April, and Ashley and now have one grandchild, Hudson.
    I first sailed when I was 16. A friend of mine bought a small boat similar to a sunfish. We worked at sailing it for about a week and, although I can’t say that we mastered it, we at least got good enough to have a lot of fun. I didn’t get the opportunity to sail again for many years but always remembered that experience and vowed that one day I would own a sailboat. I would mention this to Lenita at least once a year, and one evening in 2010 she was reading the paper and said, “well here’s your chance to see if you really want to sail, the Red Cross is giving sailing lessons at Cheney.” I took the lessons in August of that year and we bought our Catalina 22, Mercy Me, later that same month. We joined the NSA and put Mercy Me on the slip that Labor Day weekend.
    In the short time we have been members of the NSA we have met many wonderful people that are bound by their passion for sailing. Sailing and the NSA has provided Lenita and I with a great social outlet now that we have completed our primary goal in life, which is raising our children. It gets us out of the house and provides us with many hours of enjoyment. Both on the water and off.
  • Past Commodore

    Roger Gibson

    Past Commodore
    Contact for information on reserving the Afterdeck Activity Center.
    Roger started sailing in 1973 with small boats. He joined the NSA in 1980 with a 21' Gulfcoast. In 1983, Roger sold the boat and bought a house for his young family. In 1991 he bought back same boat and re-joined NSA. Roger has sailed for 40 years and find that there is no better place than NSA and Cheney Lake to experience sailing and family fun.
  • Commodore Elect

    Scott Orr

    Commodore Elect
    Contact for information on memberships and committee assignments.
    Scott and his wife Shirley started sailing out of the beach with their friend Charles Bruce, Harbormaster. Scott worked with Charles at his first job out of college in the early 1980’s. After a few years sailing from the beach on their friend’s boats, Scott and his wife bought a new Capri 22 and kept it in a slip on C dock for over 20 years. Eventually they moved up to a Newport 30 and move to a slip on B dock. Scott retired from Pizza Hut a couple of years ago and now has more time for sailing, playing golf, and pursuing other recreational activities. Shirley continues to work at her own company. They have one son who is married and lives in Wichita.
  • Vice Commodore

    Rodney Johnson

    Vice Commodore
    Contact for information on regattas, youth sailing, and sailing lessons
    To come.
  • Treasurer

    Sheila Whiston-Fox

    Contact for financial information
    My introduction to sailing was in 1970 when I worked for the American Red Cross in Safety Services in Chicago. Then a long dry spell of working, raising daughter, etc. My husband and I took up windsurfing off Hobie beach in the mid 80’s. In 1990, we joined a group of friends on a working, no frills charter, sailing a 65’ four master in teams. On the way back Ray announced he wanted to buy a sailboat, so I set a dollar limit thinking there was no way. In a week we owned a Capri 14.2, which named itself Accidental Tack, and we joined NSA. After numerous novice learning experiences and one ride on a Hobie 18 with Harold Schoeffler, the Capri was sold and we bought Paul Beddow’s Hobie 18. The Hobie 18 was a bit too much boat for me after Ray passed away, so I now sail a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island with hopes that my granddaughter may eventually join me sailing it.
  • Operations Officer

    Chris Zachary

    Operations Officer
    Contact for information on social events, special activities, and NSA merchandise
    To come.
  • Yardmaster

    Scott Tatge

    Contact for information on boat yard storage and grounds
    To come
  • Harbormaster

    Charles Bruce

    Contact for information on wet slips, moorings, and harbor equipment
    No bio
  • Secretary

    Bruce Rowe

    Contact for administrative records and correspondence
    I always admired guys sailing Sunfish sailboats at summer camp in 1967 and in 1983 I bought my first sailboat, a Laser. I had a lot of fun sailing it on Wellington and Winfield lakes. As time went on I needed something a little bigger to take my wife, Karen, out sailing, so we bought a Chrysler Mutineer. Next, we upgraded to a Prindle 16 catamaran, and then water ballasted Santana 23 keelboat, a lightweight craft with a large sailplan, designed for light air. I struggled with it on Cheney Lake with the strong winds. So next up was a Sea Pearl trimaran. It had a great little swim platform for my son and his scouting friends. I got tired of dry sailing and bought a S2 7.3 keelboat out of the west yard. It came with a trailer and a slip on "B" dock. I found it a lot easier to just drive to the dock, load up, fire up the motor and go sailing. We also have a Windrider 17 trimaran and a project boat, a Hunter 26.5. I am currently retired and take care of my two grandchildren. Besides sailing I ride a recumbent bicycle and have participated the Bike Across Kansas numerous times.
  • Administrative Secretary

    Allen Johnson

    Administrative Secretary
    Contact for administrative records and correspondence
    I got started sailing during summer camp at lake Okoboji in NW Iowa when I was about 12 or 13. Some of the older kids were required to take the younger ones out with them. I was told to sit on the front and not touch anything. I had so much fun that when I was in ninth grade I got a job as a janitor’s assistant and saved up enough money for a brand new Sunflower ($135). My mom’s boss had a cabin on the shore of Clear Lake, Iowa, about ten miles from my house, where I could store the boat. I used to ride my bike over there to go sailing. When I moved to Kansas and my first real job, I was looking for a boat, but met Thumper instead. After she finished her college degree I found a Hobie 14 in the paper for $700. Bargain!!!
    The Hobie wasn’t Thumper’s picture of what a sailboat should look like and after two years of sitting on the shore with our dog, Caly, she decided it was time for a “real” boat. In 1990 Thumper bought a Dolphin 22 from a guy at El Dorado and took up keel boating. The weekend we bought the boat, Thumper slipped on some coiled lines in the cockpit and broke her foot. The next Tuesday a big storm came through the lake while I was in rehearsal for Shakespeare in the Park. After I got home that night, we headed out to the lake at 11:00 p.m. Luckily, the Dolphin was on a mooring and rode the storm out fine. Thumper spent the rest of the summer visiting the doctor’s office each Monday to get a new cast on her foot since she couldn’t keep it dry on the weekends.
    We sailed the Hobie 14 and Dolphin for four years and I upgraded to my dream boat, a Hobie 17 Sport Cat, and Thumper to hers, an Islander 28.
    When Jim Beddow retired from the Administrative Secretary position in 1994 Thumper volunteered for the position. That same year we decided we weren’t going to quit sailing and joined NSA as lifetime members.
    When our daughter, Alex, came around in 1996, I took over the Administrative Secretary position from Thumper and have held it ever since.
    In 2008, Alex decided that Junior Sailing was fun so she got a Sunfish, then later our old Dolphin 22 came back up for sale (through Thumper’s coercion) and we bought her back. Our fleet now consists of the Dolphin 22, Islander 28, Hobie 17SC, Sunfish, a sailboard, an ice boat, two land sailors, and two kayaks. How many boats do you need?
    I started racing the Hobie 14 with Hobie Fleet 27, then with the Dolphin when we joined NSA. There were times the committee boat picked up the windward mark before we got to it! Continued racing with the Islander (3rd place in 1994), then with Allen Archer in his San Juan, Mary and Wayne Kearbey in their Capri 25, Gary Shepard in his San Juan, Bob Born in his Capri 30 and Catalina 28, plus Iam undefeated on Bill and Sue Coffman’s J27!
    Anyway, I love this place and getting to know all the new members. If you need assistance, please give me a call.